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Real Estate Marketing

These are real estate marketing strategies, my students, business partners and I use in our business!

You get the BEST real estate marketing methods for your niche!

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Whether you're interested in learning:

About Real Estate Marketing- Discover essential tools and strategies to employ in today's competitive real estate market.

Real Estate Marketing Tools- Free/cost effective lead generation tools, real estate marketing letters, real estate flyers, real estate contact management, lead capture, and much more...

Real Estate Investing- Are you an aspiring real estate investor? If so, you'll discover valuable content that will further your real estate education.

Real Estate Financing- Discover creative methods to obtain conventional loans, as well as, private real estate financing for investors.

Real Estate Investor Marketing- Innovative marketing methods for today's real estate investor.

Real Estate Market Research- Real estate segmenting, discover methods to properly analyze any real estate market.

Real Estate Internet Marketing - Learn and implement internet marketing strategies tailored to real estate professionals.

Or if you're interested in growing your real estate buyers list, will provide great insight into the world of real estate marketing.

No matter, the niche, marketing is a vital component to sales and growth!

Real estate marketing is no different...some guru's and real estate professionals over complicate things. But, it doesn't have to be.

Marketing entails a great deal of psychology, understanding your client's or customers needs and concerns. Your goal is to address those concerns, and provide a solution.

Unfortunately, many real estate professionals, and real estate investors, do not fully grasp this!

This website will provide solutions to many marketing pitfalls you may have encountered.

" 7 Things To Know About Real Estate Marketing"


Give yourself some time to achieve your MWR (Most-Wanted Response).

Here’s a scenario you can probably relate to; you mailed a campaign to let’s say motivated sellers and you received a low response rate or a low call ratio.

The chances are you would have reached your MWR if you followed through with additional follow-ups. Most real estate professionals mail campaigns expecting a HIGH response rate!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

" Here's An Insider Real Estate Marketing Secret"

It takes 5-7 touches, or in this case mailers, before you receive a desirable response rate. 

Quite often it’s perceived, that if you don’t get a high response rate after one mailer, you have a bad campaign! Which of course, this is far from the truth.

One way to determine if a campaign has substance, is if you receive a conservative response rate of 2-3% after your first mailer.

Let’s assume you complied or purchased quality Real Estate Leads. The addresses have been crossed referenced; these are quality leads. So, with that assumption, we’ll utilize the conversion formula below.

Conversion Formula Overview:

*A brief disclaimer- this formula is my personal formula, not a publicly used calculation. These results are based on my individual marketing campaigns.

Most of my  real estate marketing campaigns average 3-6% response rates. Some campaigns receive as high as an 8% response rate. However, I’ll keep things very conservative!

Here’s a visual breakdown:

M= Mailer ( Real Estate Marketing Letters, Real Estate Postcards, etc..)

MC= Marketing Count ( for this example- 500 letters).

C= Conversion rate ( initial response).

CR= Close ratio ( This is difficult to gauge if you’re not currently tracking your results!)

* I’ll use my close ratio for this example.  

V= The value to you for your product or service. 


M=Real Estate Marketing Postcards to motivated sellers.

MC= 500

C= 3% 

CR= 20%

V= $ 1,500 ( Per wholesale deal) 

500 x 0.03 x 0.20 x $ 1,500= $ 4, 500! Not bad for a 500 count  postcard campaign.

***Another disclaimer***

I did not achieve these results over night! Every marketing piece, I use has been tested, tweaked, and tweaked again for maximum results!

2.Create A Unique Selling Proposition

A USP is your service or product’s most powerful benefit, in combination with a strong unique aspect of your business.

It answers that critical question...

Why Should I buy from (or hire) you?

Tips To Develop Your Real Estate Unique Selling Proposition


1). Write down what your business provides.

2). Outline the key benefit (s) to your client/potential client. 
What pain does it cure? What solutions does it provide?

3). Identify your unique feature/benefit. What makes you stand out?

Keep working on this until you can clearly separate yourself from the field! There must be a convincing reason for doing business with you...instead of your competitor!

4). Summarize all the above into one tight, powerful, motivating phrase that will persuade your clients to do business with you, to trade their money for the benefits you deliver.

3. Select The Best Marketing Vehicle... For Your Niche

Select a marketing vehicle that will best suit your target audience.

This requires some testing to determine which niches' respond to what style of marketing. 

Such as:



  • Letters

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Newspaper ads
PPC Marketing, etc...

If you have a campaign you’d like to launch, free feel to shoot me an email! We can structure a campaign that will produce maximum results!

4. Lead Sources...Get Targeted Lists For Your Demographic

List Brokers...List Brokers...List Brokers!

We’re quite fond of list brokers...let me explain why! List brokers can provide you with, fresh quality leads; allowing you to focus on generating new business.

My personal list broker, provides cost savings, as well as, implementation of consistent processes to accelerate my marketing campaigns.

They also, provide value-added services to manage my customized marketing needs including: acquisition marketing lists, lost leads and analysis, address verification, customer retention programs, market trends and more.

If you’re interested in acquiring fresh real estate leads for your business, head over to real estate leads page for further details.

5. Real Estate Websites...Develop A Real Estate Website That Conveys The Right Message!

This is one area I often see most real estate professionals, and investors get it wrong! And that is their website...most sites I come across, almost always have one common denominator!

Would you like to know what that is?

They lack VALUE!

When someone visits your site, they’re not typically looking for you per se!

That individual is searching for work out whatever problem that their currently facing. I strongly believe real estate professionals, and investors alike, rush for the sale/close on every page.

Not realizing no one wants to be sold to! For you to gain that edge over your competitors; requires you to be different!

Provide solutions and value every step of the way. Your website should not contain: I can do this, or I can do that! Provide realistic solutions to a problem or series of problems, via a free report! Packed with great content. Provide action steps to overcome whatever problem you’re addressing.

By removing that “I” component, and solely focusing on providing solutions to your audience, you become an authority figure within your niche.

In essence, you’re pre-selling or warming up your audience to do business with you.

Always think value! Place yourself on the other side of the monitor...when you conduct searches online, are you interested in being sold to? Or are you looking for solutions?

My guess would be solutions...valuable-content quite often results in new clients and closed transactions!

6. Auto-responders...An Essential Tool For Real Estate Marketing

An auto-responder has to be one of the greatest assets for a real estate professional.  As business people, we know how important it is to keep the lines of communication open!

This is the tool that will allow you to stay in contact with your future buyers and sellers. While you’re at work, or growing your business, this tool will literally communicate for you.

Auto-responders enable you to create profitable client relationships for your business. Most auto-responders providers on the market, offer an array of email marketing tools such as:

Email Newsletters

  • Create and send professional real estate newsletters.
  • Numerous color schemes to match your branding.

Engage Subscribers

  • Send unlimited auto-responder messages.

New subscribers require a great deal of attention. This is your opportunity to showcase your brand of one...provide valuable content. Build subscriber trust and confidence!

  • Set your own delivery hours...this is an awesome feature!

Email Segmenting

  • Track subscriber activity
  • Who opened each message (and who didn’t)
  • What links were clicked (and by whom)
  • How much revenue each message brought in.

  • Geographic location and much more...

With the right email marketing campaign, and these tools at your fingertips; you’d be on a path to monetize your prospects/subscribers’.

Here’s a list of auto-responder providers for you to review:

7. Lead Capture...Or Landing Page And It’s Purpose


A lead capture page is not a website! It is just a static page that has a single purpose. 

That sole purpose is to capture people’s information, so you can contact them at a later date. People usually, exchange their contact information, for a free report or something of value.

We’ll discuss this later, if you don’t have a free report for your niche, don’t worry I’ll show you how to create one in 5 days!

After someone fills out your lead capture page, their information will be placed onto your email subscriber list; which you would then provide a free report, build-rapport, and follow-up, via an auto-responder.

Typically, you can create what we like to call a standard lead capture page, or a video lead capture page.

Standard Lead Capture

Headline: Some thing that grabs the reader’s attention!

For example:

“ Discover the 7 EASY steps to STOP foreclosure, and get your life back on track! These 7 EASY steps helped MILLIONS of people get out of foreclosure. ”

Image: Preferably, an image that is related to your niche.

For our foreclosure example above, I would select an image of a nice- looking family, either sitting in their home; alternatively in the backyard.

Body: Now this is where it gets interesting!

This is your opportunity to provide value, and showcase why someone should opt-in for your free report.

The body itself should be short (5-6 sentences), but compelling! Followed by, three to four bullet points such as:

  • Discover how you can implement these steps TODAY.
  • Discover why these 7 steps, have been HIDDEN from you for so long!
  • Millions of people had great results using these exact steps...
  • You owe it to yourself and your family! Remove the blinders and take action!

Opt-In Form: Usually, has a call-to-action...below the CTA, a standard lead capture page, would just request a name and email.

Disclaimer (Some place visible to the visitor): Something straight forward and to the point. Always conduct your business ethically, honestly and with integrity.

Video Lead Capture

Video: The video lead capture is quite similar to the standard version. There are two distinct differences though! 

The first being a welcome video, or an informative video with a bit of a teaser for the potential subscriber. The Video is typically 30 seconds to a minute long. This is done to entice the visitor to fill out your opt-in form.

Presentation Styles: Audio with a slide show, a professional presenter, our record yourself!

Opt-In Form: With video leap captures, I prefer to gather more pertinent information, after a visitor watches an info-packed video with call-to-actions.

*Let’s stick with the foreclosure example above*

Here’s a breakdown of my opt-in form:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone (Optional):

  • City:
  • State:
  • Would you like to discuss potential solutions?
  • Best time to contact?

You can create an opt-in form like this, with most auto-responder providers.

To get a visual of both examples, review the Lead Capture page.

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