Do you want to grow your real estate business? Sure, you do! Then you need to constantly implement and look for ways to refine your services. One way to do this is with real estate contact management systems. You only have few hours in a workday, you want to optimally use your time and still be able to pick up time to spend with your family.

You don’t want to spend all your time getting and saving contacts, while neglecting past clients, forgetting dates, slowing down a moving transaction. We’re in a technology-driven world where client relationship management (CRM) is very important. Moreover for a highly competitive industry like real estate, you need to automate some tasks. 


1. Keep all your contacts in one place:

How can you keep tabs on all your contacts without letting any fall through? It’s not by using Gmail, spreadsheet or sticky notes. You need a well-organized real estate CRM to serve as a hub for all your important contact information. Not just names but birthdays, phone numbers and other important detail about each past client and prospect.


2. Add a contact every day: To grow your real estate business, you need to grow your database. Hence it’s important that you add at least one contact per day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people that would like to do business with you. Anyone you connect with is a contact and who knows they might be moving few months’ time.

3. Automate: Not only will a real estate contact management software allow you to save contacts and remind you of birthdays and important things to do. You can also automate your mail sending through drip mails. For example, send an automated happy birthday message to a past client.

Some real estate CRM solutions allow you to save contacts online automatically and assign them to a drip email campaign or send them a newsletter. The important thing is that anything that can be done automatically should be done automatically. Take advantage of this to free up time to perform other important tasks.

4. Ensure no one is left behind: With a mix of automation and reminders, real estate contact management software will ensure no one is left behind. Systems that allow automated lead capture will allow you to contact new leads almost immediately.

Quality real estate leads are the bread and butter of your real estate business, so ensure that none falls through the cracks.

5. Track your results: Who is clicking your emails? Who reads your messages? Success is a numbers’ game. If you’re spending time on real estate marketing, you need to be able to track the results you’re getting.

Real estate contact management software will help track the results of your drip emails. By looking at the email campaign reports, you’ll know who your hot leads are and how to focus your efforts to achieve better results. 

Once you’ve decided that you want to use a system, the question becomes which CRM would best serve my real estate business.

What do you check for? Simplicity, Inclusion of features you need for your business and affordability.Let's take a closer look at three of the best real estate contact management software the market has to offer.


1. Contactually


It offers the best features for building and maintaining relationships. It has great lead targeting, automated reach, the ability to create custom programs for different segments, and a unique letter-grade system that categorizes your outreach efforts with each lead.

The best thing about it is that it is not only easy to use, but somehow manages to make keeping in touch with your leads fun.

If you are a real estate agent and you already have a way that you like to search the MLS and send properties to customers, Contactually should be at the top of your list.


The only real disadvantage of Contactually is the lack of access to the MLS.

This makes it more difficult to keep track of what homes your potential customers are interested in , as well as, any changes in the state of those homes.

Instead of being able to review this data, search for and send listings directly from your CRM, you will need to log in to your MLS database.



At $ 40 per month, Top Producer CRM offers the best combination of affordability and features. Only Contactually is cheaper but with no MLS access. A good real estate CRM should help you organize, track and follow with potential customers.

In order to do this properly, you ideally want to keep track of what homes your potential customers are interested in as well as any changes in the state of those homes. Imagine trying to follow up with a lead from 6 months ago.

Would you not like to know the status of the property that you were contacted about without changing to your MLS? Or, if you are reaching an active customer, would you not want to search and send properties directly from your CRM?

This is why MLS integration is so important to a real estate CRM. Since Top Producer integrates directly with more than 500 MLS databases across the country, the vast majority of agents will be able to add MLS data to their CRM with Top Producer. Best of all, since it has a direct integration, MLS data updates every 15 minutes or as fast as your local MLS updates. 


The only problem with Top Producer is one that the users have been attacking online for a long time: the interface. While the functionality is there, the interface looks and feels very dated. If you need an elegant, minimal, Apple style interface, then top producer is not the CRM for you.



With REthink, you can easily generate listings pages to send to buyers via email and include detail such as close amenities. Your "match" tool automatically looks for and updates the listings that fit the customer's preferences (for example, price, number of bedrooms) depending on what you have saved in the CRM.

You can also generate buyer plot maps and register to receive alerts when new listings appear that match certain criteria.

Some real estate agents in tech-savvy brokerages could yawn on these features, but for small companies, REthink might be the answer to your prayers. Brokerages that manage a large number of rents in particular, will particularly love REthink.

In addition to its advanced MLS features, REthink also allows agents to categorize contacts, send automated emails, and set up follow-up reminders. 


The only real disadvantage of REthink is the price  $ 79 per month per agent is a steep price to pay plus you need to have three other agents to buy the software with you, bringing your total monthly bill to $ 316, as well as spending over $ 2,500 in on-boarding fees.

There are many other CRM softwares for agents but Top Producer seems to be the best in terms of value and features included. If you can get past the poor interface, Top Producer might be the best real estate contact management, for your business needs. 

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