" Real Estate Email Marketing "

Real estate email marketing can be vital to making sales and bringing in new clients.  But it’s more than simply sending out emails with addresses of homes for sale. 

You need to be creative!  Many agents design full HTML emails that include pictures, links, and much more. 

These emails look just like physical mailers you’d get in the mail. 

While some people do have their email set to only view text emails, you’ll find that most people have their email set to view HTML messages.

One creative real estate email marketing idea is to make the listing of the week or month. 

You can pick your favorite listing and really promote it, showing interior images, talking about its unique features, and more. 

Then at the end you can include a call to action – “Click here to schedule a viewing.”  This makes it easy to get potential buyers into the property.  One of the best parts of email marketing is that all it takes is time. 

You don’t have to spend anything to send it out the hundreds or thousands of potential buyers.

" Real Estate Email Marketing Tips..."

If you’re in need of help with your real estate email marketing campaigns, you’ll find what you need at real-estate-marketing-online.com.  The site offers a wide variety of different marketing tools for the professional real estate agent and investor, including real estate email marketing.

For example, these services will help you set up an email auto-responder, set up an automatic system to email potential buyers and clients, and much more.  You’ll find that email marketing was never so easy.

You can’t afford to ignore real estate email marketing.  In today’s online world, it’s simply a must.  Whether you’re emailing clients a list of potential properties or sending out mass emails to your mailing list hoping to bring in new customers, you’ve got to keep up your email marketing campaigns.

" Real Estate Email Marketing: Talking To Your Audience"

To turn subscribers into fans, you need to actually communicate with them. That means you need to send them emails. This is precisely where your email autoresponder comes in!

The invention of the autoresponder revolutionized real estate email marketing. It automates everything involved with setting up and maintaining your email list.

With an autoresponder, you can send emails to your audience in two ways.

  1. Pre-logged emails (based around the date they joined your list).
  2. Then there's...broadcasting, or sending an email to all of your subscribers at once.

When you use pre-logged emails, you can schedule emails ahead of time, and the autoresponder system will automatically begin sending your subscribers emails. You can assign an email (that you only type once) to go out immediately after the subscriber joins.

The next one can be scheduled for one day after. The next one, two days after. You really don't have any limitations!


An autoresponder is a key tool in your real estate email marketing campaigns. Keep in mind, it is difficult to switch once you are committed to one, so choose wisely.

Here's a list of the three most popular autoresponders:

  1. Aweber
  2. Mail Chimp
  3. IContact

These are the three most popular simply because of the features they offer, their pricing, and it's popularity among online business professionals.

How To Write Emails To Your Subscribers: The Three Kinds Of Emails

There are three real estate email marketing types you need to master.

*Side Note- When you sit down to write an email to your list, keep a healthy balance and rotate between the following three:

  • Content Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Relationship Emails

1. Content Emails

This is your bread and butter! The key to getting great results is to provide value! That means you need to deliver good and helpful content to your subscribers. Your subscribers should feel like they learned something new whenever they engage with you.

They should have fun with your emails. Your subscribers should be excited to open your emails and the best way to get there is by writing content emails.

2. Promotional Emails

This is where your profit comes in. Typically, at least once a week, I recommend sending your subscribers a product or service that you believe will help improve their lives!

3. Relationship Emails

Let me ask you a quick question. Whom do you trust more: a friend or stranger?

The answer is easy; your friend! Keep this in mind when you writing to your subscribers.

Real Estate Email Marketing

You'll get the best response rates from your list when they start seeing you more as a friend, than some random person sending them emails.

You see, the more personal you get with your list, the more trust you build with them. The more trust you build with your email list, the more money you'll earn.

Need Help Crafting Your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign?

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