Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Real Estate Marketing is tough for newbies. Maybe you’re doing it all wrong.

Let’s explore the effectiveness of real estate marketing flyers and how to get maximum results from them.

Stats by shows that seventy five percent of real estate agent’s business come from referrals and word of mouth but agents are still spending way too much on new lead sources, rather than investing in their existing clients”( 

It’s a crucial mistake and it’s not just limited to real estate. The average car salesman thinks a customer already bought a car, hence his business with that customer is done. He needs to spend all his marketing dollars on chasing new leads, but it’s counterproductive thinking.

Real Estate Marketing Flyers: Before you can get creative, you need to learn how to follow the rules to help your audience understand your content...

If you’re reading this, then you want to maximize results with little effort. This is essential knowledge. You should focus your efforts on what works. Marketing to past clients works for many successful real estate agents. That means you should spend more on automated solutions to reach out to past clients. They’d be more eager to do business with you again and might even throw in a word for you.

Do you have an online presence?

You might just be working your butts off and getting little results if you don’t have an online presence. NAR stats show that 92% of buyers use the internet to search for homes. Which means you might be settling for only 8% of home buyers if you don’t have an established internet presence.

Show that you are a professional and are well versed in the community you represent.

Do you have this in place? Okay, we can now move on to the main topic of discussion: real estate marketing flyers.

Crafting your message

You want to put your whole spirit and soul into the flyer but if you try too hard you lose people's interest. Try using few words, actionable and engaging. No technical jargon. Just plain normal terms that the average human being will understand. Show professionalism by your content but don’t intimidate. Don’t rant too much about yourself and make the message something they’ll probably relate to.

Chris Haddon, founder of REI 360, a real estate software company says “I have found that the best results come from a personal message in my own voice. When you write your message, remember the following points:

- Make the message about them. They don’t care about you. So tell them how you can help them as quickly as possible.

- Be clear. If a seller is not sure what you want them to do, they will never call you.

 - Make your message short and sweet. In our fast paced world, people rarely read all their email. Unsolicited mail often hits the trash can. If you want your message to be heard, do it quickly!

So how do you use real estate flyers effectively?

-Know your audience

-Put some effort

-Whet their appetite

-Play the odds

-Get to know the neighbors

 1. Know your audience: Effective real estate marketing demands that you know your audience. When you know your audience, you can craft a message they'll relate with. Who are those more likely to engage with your real estate flyers? who are your buyers?

If you’re just starting out, you should identify which age group would want to do business with you.

Not only should your message be tailored to your audience. Your graphics should also meet the wants and needs of your particular audience.

2. Put some effort: You want a lead-generating instrument not another piece of paper to fill people’s dustbin. You should put in effort . Hire designers and writers if need be and create something that your prospect will appreciate.

You might only need to put in a little more effort to turn that piece of drab real estate flyer into a winning one. With our winning real estate marketing flyer ideas and samples, we’ll design powerful flyers for real estate marketing that your prospects can’t resist. Get it done right!

3. Whet their appetite: It’s the oldest secret of marketing, let them seek you out. You shouldn't give your prospects all the jibes and gests, you should let them work too. But you must add a call to action so they’ll know where to go. Build curiosity and introduce a simple and easy-to follow call to action. 

4. Play the odds: As long as the buyer is in your neighborhood, she now knows you as a real estate agent. She might actually be looking to buy sometime in the nearest future. So give her an option!

You can add a call to action that includes something along this line...“ Not what you want? Text “LIST’ to 6666789 to get a full list of available properties or send an email to" 

5. Know the neighbors: The neighbors are curious. They'd like to know what’s up when they see the new sign go up.

What price is the house selling for?

Use this curiosity to your advantage and make a flyer for them. 

 They might be of help in marketing your house in casual discussions. You can show them more by inviting them to get on a ‘priority list’ for open houses, price changes or to be notified when the property sells. They’ll appreciate that and may be instrumental in selling the property.

It’s pretty simple but these are secrets that top-selling real estate agents use to turn their basic, normal looking real estate marketing flyers into high converting ones.