" Real Estate Marketing Tips"

Are you looking for some great real estate marketing tips ?  Who isn’t?  Marketing is one of the most important parts of your real estate business.  In fact, some people consider marketing to be even more important that showing homes and working with potential buyers and sellers. 

Why?  Because if these potential clients don’t know you exist, you’ll never have any of them in your office.  While some real estate marketing tips can be applied to almost any industry, others are more specific to real estate.

One important real estate marketing tip that has only been around for the past decade or so is to take full advantage of social media.

While it’s true that you don’t need social media to have a successful agency, it’s also true that it certainly helps. Social media is a way of constantly being in contact with potential clients. 

It’s also another way of getting your name out there, and it costs very little.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

But here’s a real estate marketing tip for the new generation: don’t rely on your online presence and social media too much. 

The tried and true methods of yard signs, mailers, postcards, and other offline marketing techniques still work. In fact, sometimes they actually work better than electronic marketing because a person has something physically in front of them.

Other real estate marketing tips to keep in mind pertain to in-person communication.  You want to always make sure people know who you are. 

Introduce yourself to potential customers and be sure they take a business card that has your name and contact information on it. Ask your clients if they will recommend you to their friends and family members.  Put your website and telephone number in your email signature—it’s actually more effective than you might think.

" Planning Strategies"

Strategies are the plans for achieving business objectives. They're practical, achievable, and action-oriented.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies generally detail changes that a business intends to make to make to the four marketing functions called the marketing mix: pricing, product, promotion, and place.

Cast your goals and objectives in cement when you create your marketing plan each year, but keep your strategies flexible so you adjust them in response to competitive forces, economic realities, or new opportunities. Just remember that the only strategy worth pursuing is one that directly supports your goals and objectives.

" Putting Goals, Objectives, And Strategies Into Action..."

After you're clear about your marketing goal, every action becomes a building block toward achieving that ultimate desired end.

Small businesses sometimes confuse goals and strategies. Opening a new office, beginning to sell a new product, or increasing prices in August are strategies, not goals. Knowing your strategies without being clear about the goal you're trying to reach is like wandering in the woods wearing a blindfold.

" Real Estate Marketing Tip: Create A Marketing Plan For Your Business"

Purpose: To increase productivity and deal flow.

Annual Goal: Increase gross revenue by 15%.


  • Implement customer-retention program
  • Create sales funnel
  • Optimize website/SEO optimization


Pricing Strategy

  • Increase prices by 3-5% to adjust for cost increases.

Promotion Strategy

  • Use broadcast and social media advertising to build brand awareness.
  • Use social media to showcase properties and promote your services.
  • Sponsor community events and participate in community fundraisers that align with your organizational goals.

Real estate marketing tips do change from time to time as new avenues of marketing appear.  Years ago, email marketing was nonexistent, but today it’s vital to a business.  Always keep an ear out for the latest in real estate marketing tips. 

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