Real Estate Marketing Tools

" Marketing Tools For Today's Real Estate Professional "

Every real estate professional should have an arsenal of real estate marketing tools, to conduct his or her business in a productive manner.

Whether it be:

Free Real Estate Marketing Letters- Marketing letters that convert, increases productivity, and creates inventory.

Real Estate Post Cards- Learn how to reach your target demographic via real estate postcards. Market to any niche successfully.

Real Estate Contact Management- Discover the best method to keep the lines of communication open, and manage new and existing clients.


Real Estate Marketing Flyers- Discover and implement creative, response-driven real estate flyers. Have flyers designed to meet your organizational requirements and goals.

Real Estate Marketing Script- Tried and true, real estate marketing scripts for your niche. Such scripts include, but are not limited to: Co-Wholesaling, Real Estate Partnerships, FSBO's, and Commercial Real Estate scripts.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Software- Discover one of the most powerful real estate marketing tools for commercial real estate professionals. This piece of software is a one-stop shop for your commercial real estate marketing needs!

"6 Must Have Real Estate Marketing Tools"

1. Real Estate SEO

A well-designed and search engine optimized website, is vital for long-term sustainability.

A formula for "success" boils down to...


Find... Its' imperative that your potential visitor finds you in the top 10, or top 20, of the search results for your keywords. Otherwise, the chances of you being found a slim to none. Unfortunately, most surfers will not explore past the 20th position.

Can you think of a time YOU went past the 20th page?

Click... Your potential visitor MUST read the title and description that the search engine uses in the search results, and she must find them compelling to click to your site.

If your title and description are humdrum and lack value, your potential visitor will probably not click to your web page, even if it's listed at #1 on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). "Who's next?!".

Click... Through social interactions or organic searches, your visitor finds quality content, learns to appreciate and trust you. Your audience will follow your recommendations with interest. Another click!

If you deliver poor, low-value information ( or sales pitch, after sales pitch ), you will get a click--on the back button to the search engine results page!

Click-KACHING! Oh Yeah...Your visitor arrives at your monetization model. That might be your order page, contact form to retain your services, in an open-to-buy-mood!

For more details about off-page and on-page Real Estate SEO,  visit the Real Estate SEO page.

2. Auto-Responders - Gather Information, Build Rapport, Follow-Up, and Monetize

Create The Right Email For The Right Audience!

Most auto-responders in the market, allow you to add content and collaborate on emails, that fit your brand. Gather information from your visitors on a signup form, and send them newsletters that provide value!

Auto-Responder Process Flow

Opt-In==>Welcome Email---Content (Email)---Content---Content---Engagement (Recommend A Product or Service)---Content---Content---Conduct A Survey (Ask Subscribers What You Can Do To Better Serve Them)---Email Results---Content---Etc...

"Real Estate Email Marketing Tips"

 Real Estate Marketing Tips...Set Your Goals

The initial step towards good results is defining it!

When embarking on a real estate email marketing campaign, I recommend determining your objective. In order to do that, you need to ask yourself two questions.

*Whom am I talking to? Cash Buyers, Potential Sellers,  Real Estate Professionals, Etc...?

*What would I like to accomplish?

Who's Your Target Audience?

Are you reaching out to industry experts and peers, or to followers of your brand?

No matter whom you're talking to, it's a good idea to dig a little deeper and ask:

  • What do they expect ?
  • Why would they want to hear from me ?
  • How can I provide value ?

The more you know about your audience, the more focused you can make your message. The more focused your message is, the more effective it will be!

Things To Consider

  1. Know your goal BEFORE you send your email.
  2. Get to know your audience
  3. Send the right message to the right audience.
  4. Avoid sending useless content.

Write down the goal of your email, so you can determine whether or not, the email helped you accomplish that goal. You need to know who your audience is, and what you know about them, so when you compose your email; you can make sure you are giving them relevant information.

Take YOUR time to come up with a plan before you hit send!

Simple Rules For Real Estate Email Marketing Success

Rule # 1: Respect Your Subscribers.

Your subscribers gave you the privilege to communicate to them. Go above and beyond for them, provide exceptional customer-service, and never lose sight of their importance.

Rule # 2. Be Succinct

Don't waste their time - respect it! People are inundated with emails on a daily basis. You don't have time to tell them everything in an email (and they probably don't have the time to read everything you write), so tell the important information and, provide a link for them to get more details if they want them.

Rule # 3. Be Personable

Show readers a bit of your personality...try using a conversational tone, like you're talking to an old friend. Reward your readers, and they'll reward you in return!

key Points

  1. Make your subscribers feel special.
  2. Put yourself in your subscribers shoes.
  3. Let the personality of your brand shine.
  4. Lastly, value over fluff.

Go With What Works!

One of the best things about email marketing is that, you can see what works and doesn't work instantly. Try your best to track results, to optimize your campaigns.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Test New Subject Lines
  • Learn Which Content Drives Click-Throughs
  • Segment Your List
  • Experiment With Calls To Action

If you haven’t selected an auto-responder for your email marketing campaign, here’s a list of providers for your review

3. FreedomSoft...An Essential Marketing Software For Real Estate Investors.

This software has revolutionized the real estate investment's a platform that takes the guess work out of running a successful real estate investment business.

As you know, running a successful real estate investment business, in today's competitive market, requires certain; resources, and tools. With that being said, FreedomSoft provides the resources and tools, to assist you with running a PROFITABLE real estate business.

Here Are Some Notable Features Of FreedomSoft:

Instant Seller Leads Daily

You'll have access to AMPLE motivated sellers, pre-foreclosures, REO's, FSBO's, and other leads nationwide. These seller leads are updated DAILY.

Cash Buyer Leads On-Demand

Access to a vast database of affluent landlords and investors! These are the ideal candidates to  purchase YOUR properties.

Website Launcher, Easy Website Editor

Complete customization control over your websites. Just click, edit and save! Embed videos easily. No HTML knowledge necessary!

Select a domain name and launch motivates seller, buyer, lender, short-sale, and loan mod targeted websites instantly.

And, they're no extra fees!

Direct Mail Generator

You'll have the option to choose from 44 proven, pre-written postcard and letter campaigns. Select your target-niche, pick your mail piece, and click send. It's that simple!

Email Marketing System

Built-in auto-responder and broadcasting for instant communication with your buyers and sellers!

Automatic Property Valuation

Cutting-edge virtual appraising system gives you the valuation of nearly ANY property. Real valuation, not " free comp site" nonsense!

Accurate Comps

Would you like to verify your automatic valuation? The system will provide you with the 20 closet comps to your subject property.

Virtual Whiteboard (This Is Deal-Flow Management At It's Finest)

Track the status of your deals (and there will be LOTS of deals) day-to-day right on your home page!

Mapping And Virtual Inspector

Detailed maps, and exterior photos for nearly every property in the U.S. No more wasting gas money driving for duds!

Instant Offer Calculator

Uncertain how much to offer for a property? No worries. FreedomSoft TELLS you how much to offer.

Easy Contract Generator

Save yourself hours by auto-filling your Purchase and Sale, Assignment, Option contracts, and other documents.

Short Sale Package Builder

Do you have short-sale or REO packages you use frequently? Auto-fill, then fax or email entire packages in minutes!!!

One-Click Faxing And Emailing

One click instantly faxes or emails contracts to buyers and sellers. No more fax machine!

Internet Syndication

Automatically post your properties for sale on Facebook, Twitter, and 17 other top websites. Selling a house just got easier.

Lead Outsourcing

Short sales and loan mods can be difficult! Don't do them click outsources these leads to an expert & YOU GET PAID.

Secure E-Signature

Create your electronic signature in seconds, then instantly stamp it onto letters and contacts when you need it!

Scheduling And Task Manager

Follow-up tasks created automatically for you, so you just wake up and see what you have to do that day. It's like having your very own personal assistant.

ROI Reporting (Priceless!!!)

Want to know how your business is doing? Click a few buttons and get immediate charts of your vital business stats!


30 Days To Freedom E-Academy

You'll embark on a 30 day hand holding journey to learn the ins and outs of how to make money in real estate with FreedomSoft.

Quite frankly, flipping houses and making money in real estate has TRULY never been easier!

Side note- If you're brand new to real estate, and all the features are a little confusing, don't get discouraged. 

The system provides a step-by-step overview to get you up and running, and making money fast.

4. Find Cash Buyers Now Software (FCBN)...Great Tool To Build A Huge Buyers List

In today's competitive market, CASH is king! Having access to your own pool of cash buyers gives you an advantage.

Forget about lending institutions or hard money lenders providing loans to investors. The lending environment has changed, and it's become quite difficult for investors to borrow money.

You're subject to submit endless stacks of paperwork, financial docs, credit scores, bank statements, etc. I forgot to mention a HEFTY down payment.

Cash makes things a lot easier for all parties involved.

Why Are Cash Buyers So Important?

  • Faster Closings
  • No Seasoning Or Title Issues
  • No Banks - No Headaches
  • No Middlemen
  • These Are REAL Buyers- They Want To Do Business!


  • Quick Turnarounds.

You owe it to yourself and your business to work with local active investors in your market!

Are you ready to grow a huge buyers list?

Silly question...but I had to ask! I want your full undivided attention.

The FCBN software will allow you to find all the CASH buyers you'll need to guarantee your deals will close and never lose big checks again!

You'll Discover...

* How to find & attract cash buyers the right way. Find ACTIVE cash buyers in your backyard. 

* How to make an extra 6 Figures in your income using cash buyers!

* What to ask potential cash buyers. Never get tongue-tied again, you'll discover the right dialogue to use with these cash buyers.

* How to work backwards...find out what deals the cash buyers want, then go find them a deal & flip it to them.

* What are the right properties? The software will help you hunt down the right properties by three categories: buyers name, zip code & address.

And much more!

Discover the step-by-step plan, to building an active cash buyers list.

5. Find Private Lenders Now (FPLN)...Need Private Lenders For Your Real Estate Projects?

This is one of my favorite real estate marketing tools!

Having an arsenal of private lenders, is so important to succeed and grow as a real estate investor. This is especially the case if you have bad credit, or limited funds.

The FPLN software gives you complete-access to thousands of private real estate lenders at your finger tips!

My viewpoint on why this system is so powerful:

You'll discover...

*Where to find all the private money you'll ever need, right in your own backyard, to close more real estate deals.

*You learn how to dominate your local real estate market, or any market.

Imagine for a second...that you have cash to close on amazing profit rich deals other investors are forced to pass up!

How would this change your business? Or better yet, how would it change your life? Food for thought, isn't it?

Amazing deals are everywhere...short sales, auctions, REO's, rehabs, discounted notes, FSBO's- even multi-family and commercial properties.

Here's The Problem...

You need Capital, or access to capital in order to close these deals...period!

The Find Private Lenders Now system will provide you with all the tools and resources to obtain private lenders for your real estate deals.

Never sat in front of a private investor before?

Not to worry, the system provides some great training modules. I'll provide some additional training for you as well. Having interviewed over 20 private investors, I'm confident I can provide GREAT insight.

These real estate marketing tools will truly amaze you; they're quite effective. I value my visitors' time, so I would never recommend a product or service, that isn't in your best interest.

If you're interested in securing private money for your business, or expanding your current list of private money clients, I highly recommend you take action.

6. 1-800-Sell-Now...Generate Motivated Seller Leads!

So, what is 1-800-Sell-Now?

Two words come to mind:  Brand Recognition

Are you a real estate investor or real estate agent, looking for an infrastructure to explode your real estate business?

I'll assume you said yes...

Real Estate Marketing Tip

One of the keys to becoming a successful real estate professional is Branding!

But not just any branding, truly powerful and compelling branding and marketing. You must have buyers and sellers COMING TO YOU, because they simply could not forget your brand!

1-800-Sell-Now isn't just a toll free number! It is a complete all-in-one real estate branding system. You'll be one of the few real estate entrepreneurs to license this brand in your own backyard.

The system provides you with:

  • An easy to remember 1 800 number with exclusive territories!
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Websites for leads
  • Auto-responders (Follow-Ups)
  • Lead Management
  • Direct Mail Pieces (For Any Real Estate Niche)
  • Letters
  • Billboard Marketing
  • License to use images and other materials for all of your real estate marketing needs (within your territories)!
  • And much more...

Check For Territories Near You!

This Is Much More Than Purchasing A Vanity Number!

Here's the thing, 1-800-Sell-Now licenses this brand to real estate entrepreneurs just like you all over the country (U.S.A)! Coast to coast this brand is creating enormous opportunities for real estate agents and investors alike.

My Team And I Have Had Great Success With This Brand!

Their branding and messaging is so powerful that sellers simply do not forget- and THEY CALL !!!


Think about it-what number would you call?

If you're looking for a way to generate unlimited motivated seller leads...then I'll highly recommend you consider 1-800-Sell-Now.

Now more than ever, home sellers need to connect with the right real estate professionals in their local market.

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