Real Estate Post Card Marketing: Discover marketing methods that produce results...

Real estate post card marketing may not seem so important any longer now that we have email and social media.  However, just like any type of marketing , post cards can be highly successful if used correctly.

Using post cards puts something physically in front of people that they almost always look at. 

Compare this to email, where many people simply delete the message before even reading it because they get so much spam in their inbox every day. 

Yes, some people may throw out the postcard, but they will look at it first.  That’s one of the strengths of real estate post card marketing: you get eyes on your marketing tool, and that’s often the hardest thing to do.

Post cards can be quite effective if done correctly!

But coming up with a great post card design can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a background in graphic design and don’t have someone in the office who does.  In this case, the solution is easy: outsource the work. 

There are some great post card design services available online.  You can find an affordable post card designer who can take your ideas and create a great marketing tool.  Many of these services are very affordably priced, too, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank!

7 Real Estate Post Card Marketing Tips...

Below you will find a post card we created for a client of ours...we'll review 7 pivotal steps when crafting your post card!

Real Estate Marketing Post Card

Step # 1. Craft An Attention Grabbing Headline!

For this postcard we stated " Increasing the earning power of your IRA and other investment capital. Find out what your banker and broker won't tell you!"

As you can see such a headline will grab the readers attention! Then you need to...

Step # 2. Stimulate Curiosity.

Human beings are curious by nature, we want in on insider secrets, we also hate when things are withheld from us! With that being said, you can see why an investor would be curious to know what his or her banker and broker may be keeping from them.

Step # 3. Create A Hook!

Let's examine the example above...

We wrote " say goodbye to low CD returns and the risk of the stock market." Then we follow up with, " Did you realize you can fuel your portfolio with investments secured by commercial real estate? You can also accelerate your IRA or other available investment capital with a 12%-15% return fixed for the next five years!"

As you can see for the investor who receives a meager return on their investment capital, this real estate post card would peak their interest.

After you hook said prospect you'll need to share a brief story! This leads to real estate postcard marketing tip # 4...

Step # 4. Include A Brief Story.

Real Estate Marketing Post Card Design

Your message should be compelling, but to the point! Ideally, you want the reader to take action...this may result in your prospect filling out your opt-in form on your website, or calling your office.

Your story should highlight some pain points, and how you (or your firm) intend to solve them.

For example: "Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Home?" , "Discover How You Can Implement 7 Unique Strategies To Sell Your Home In As Little As 30 Days..." 

Step # 5. Direct Traffic/Audience To A Lead Capture Page.

With your marketing campaigns, you always want to keep in mind your acquisition cost per lead. Whether it be through direct-mail,  PPC, or Facebook traffic! You want to think can I turn a cold lead into a warm lead!

Simple! Follow up, follow up, follow up!

We recommend driving if not all, but, 90% of your traffic to a well converting lead page/squeeze page. You typically can capture a prospects: name, email, and phone #. You have to provide something of value, in order for a prospect to share their personal information with you!

Which leads us to our 6th step...

Step #6. Offer A Free Report ( Or Something Of Great Value).

Let's say for arguments sake, you're a realtor that wants to educate her potential clients on selling their property!

As a token of your appreciation, for them opting into your lead capture page, you can provide them a short e-book (free report) on selling their home in 30 days or less. This strategy makes you look like a trusted professional, and warms up the potential client to doing business with you.

Lastly we have...

Step # 7. Follow Up Sequence- Follow Up Until You Get Your MWR (Most-Wanted-Response)

Let's continue with the example we used in step # 6. After your prospect receives their e-book via your auto-responder, you want to schedule out your follow-up sequences.

For example:

  • Day 1. Thank the prospect for signing up, then email free report.
  • Day 3. Ask the prospect if they had an opportunity to read your report.
  • Day 4. Send a helpful tip, along with recent testimonials.
  • Day 6. Attempt to close, get your most-wanted-response. Schedule a time to talk, or an in-person meeting!

We hope you were able to gain some insight into real estate post card marketing, with our 7 real estate post card marketing tips !

Need a real estate marketing postcard? What about an email follow-up sequence for your campaigns? If so, we can help!  You'd be assigned to your own personal graphic designer and marketing specialist. Feel free to contact us, we're here to help.

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