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If you think real estate marketing is just about choosing the right words, you’re wrong! Real estate farming campaigns, as it’s called by real estate trainers involve a mix of art, copy, targeting, planning and resolve in all the right combinations. The oldest strategy used by successful real estate professionals is “hyperlocal marketing” and this is not just another real estate fad.


Although not as common as social media marketing buzzwords like email marketing and linkedin channels, real estate postcards are an old-school but reliable way to get targeted leads for your real estate business, who may become long-term clients. Apart from the ability to garner targeted leads, real estate postcards are priceless because of the following reasons:

1.  Build your sphere of influence.

With real estate postcards, you can think long term, not just short term. The real value lies in the brand awareness you create the more people see your service. Real estate postcards are like seeds and real estate farming campaigns are similar to tending plants, the more you do them, the higher the chance that one of your leads would reach out to you in the future.

2. Data driven marketing.

More than in any other business, data driven marketing is important in real estate. Who are your target market? Once you know your market, stop wasting marketing efforts and money, concentrate on them. With real estate postcards, you can target local areas with pinpoint accuracy and grow your real estate business.

Much like circle prospecting or Facebook ads, you can direct your efforts to a specific demographic. Even if you use a mailing list from a reputable company, you can be sure that the people you’re sending your real estate postcards to are those most likely to respond.

Real estate postcards for sellers when used right will target people who live in the neighborhood of your ‘just listed’ or ‘just sold’ house as they are the ones most likely to be curious about your new listing or service.

Real Estate Post Cards

3. Show your marketing prowess.

Even though you spend little money on real estate postcards for sellers, sometimes below 50 cents per card, your clients don’t think that.

A real estate postcard with current listings communicates something to potential home sellers. It tells them ‘this is an agent that spends money on marketing; he would likely be doing other things to promote these homes too’.

Nobody wants an agent with lukewarm marketing approach. Real estate postcards for sellers communicate that as an agent, you employ aggressive marketing campaigns for your clients and that’s a winner.


1. Consistency is everything.

Better to spend money on a weekend vacation or a nice dinner than to spend money on real estate postcards with no follow up. In reality, you may not be getting much traffic after your first round of postcard mailing. But with consistency and some improvements in your strategy, you’ll see your number of clients mounting up.

Many times the reason for the poor response rate isn’t your choice of postcards but your choice to either be consistent or lazy with your real estate farming campaigns.

2. Clearly define the goal of your campaign.

What is the purpose of your direct mail campaign? Focusing on one goal at a time allows you to tailor the message of the real estate farming campaign and perfect it in the best way you can to help people.

Is the goal of your campaign to sell houses? To generate leads? To bring new listings for your business? Clearly define your goal in advance and you can effortlessly track your campaign results.

3. Measure short- and long-term results.

Postcard marketing produces both short-term and long-term results, unlike other marketing programs such as email or display. Which means that you should evaluate your marketing campaign in both short- and long-term to effectively keep tabs on its results.

Don't write off your advertising campaign as unsuccessful if it does not generate profits immediately. Remember that folks will often keep postcards until they need  your services. 

4. Target your sphere of influence first.

The best way to start your postcard campaign is by sending to an audience with a high value. Your sphere of influence, including the clients you've worked with in the past, is almost always the best initial target.

The one exception to this is if you are running a newly sold campaign. Because just-sold campaigns are designed to strengthen your brand with a specific audience, they are most effective when they are frequently mailed to the same target audience over time.

5. Design with action and results in mind.

Great real estate postcards are designed for action and results. Include your name and image prominently on your postcards along with pictures of the properties you have recently sold to build familiarity and trust with your audience.

The copy of your postcard should speak directly to the market you are addressing, clearly explaining how you can help them. Include a clear call to action that tells recipients exactly how to reach you and claim your offer to take simple action and get results.

6. Put yourself in your customer's shoes.

Will your postcard touch on the concerns of your marketplace? The main element to an effective real estate farming campaign is to connect with your market and offer answers to FAQs.

Put yourself in your potential customer's shoes, and take into account the types of questions they're more likely to ask. Tailor your copy to handle their questions specifically, and you will create a strong connection.


Real estate postcards will have a huge impact on your bottom line if mailed to the right people with a strong targeted message that answers their questions. Real estate postcards should be at the top of your list when planning real estate farming campaigns. Do you need help with your postcard marketing, check out my sample real estate postcards or contact me click here....for one on one consultation.

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